Our story


The beginning

It all began in the 1960s, when José Antônio Rodrigues, founder and CEO of the Buick Logística® Group, worked in the distribution of beverages at his father's small soft drink factory in the city of Itu, in the state of São Paulo.

1960 to 1970

1971 to 1980

The first truck

The first vehicle of its own was a Mercedes Benz 1959 truck known as "Boring Face" which it used to distribute drinks from the factory. Always after the hard day of work, José Antônio Rodrigues, himself, performed the mechanical revision of the vehicle so that at dawn the next day, customers of the soda factory could receive their orders on time.

The sale of the factory

With the growth of the soft drink factory, José Antônio Rodrigues and his father sold the factory after receiving a proposal from Schincariol in the late 1990s.

1981 to 1990

1991 to 2000

The partner

With experience acquired from his father in the soft drinks factory, José Antônio Rodrigues realized the potential and, in partnership with a partner, invested in his first carrier in the city of Campinas, state of São Paulo.

The Buick Logística

Over the years, observing the enormous challenges and opportunities of the logistics area, José Antônio Rodrigues decided to invest in his own company, inaugurating in 2005 to Buick Logística e Transportes LTDA with its headquarters in Campinas and a branch in the city of Barueri, state of São Paulo.

2004 to 2005

2006 to 2009


This period coincided with the academic training of his three children (Lawyer, Engineer and Administrator), who, observing his father's entrepreneurial example, occupied the positions of managers of the company who already had their own fleet of trucks and the main clients in the segments of technology in the country.


With the great exponential growth of Buick Logística® that already operated in all national territory, the CEO of the company José Antônio Rodrigues invests in an industrial area of 180,000 m² the margin of the main highway of São Paulo, the Presidente Castelo Branco Highway.

2010 to 2011


Inauguration Headquarters

The new Buick Logistics® Distribution Center with three large warehouses totals over 26,000 m² of storage space. With this investment, the company conquers major clients in the automation, banking, automotive, railway, technology, data center, energy, telecommunications, promotional marketing and health care sectors.


With complete infrastructure, the Buick Logística® Group invests in the hiring of the best professionals in the areas of operational management, administrative management, process audit, corporate sales team and in the restructuring of its business units.

2015 to 2017

2018 >>


Today Buick Logística® has segmented services: Buick logistics, Buick promotional and Buick healthcare, with this evolution the company obtains the know-how to serve the entire logistics chain of the country.

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